The Art and The Feminism 8

The Art + The Feminism - Add Your Own Lines

Kim Cornelison The Art and The Feminism is a sub-series of Feminist Fridays where I share art with you that has somehow inspired or evoked my feminism. I show the artistic inspiration with you, write from my experience viewing or engaging with it, and then ask for your thoughts. This month: this beautiful photograph by Kim Cornelison. […]

Coffee Date 13

i think too much

The Coffee Dates series on Clear the Way is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better. Every coffee date I’ll answer some questions and I hope you’ll answer them, too. You can respond in the comments. This month I asked my friends to give me a few questions and they asked […]

July Goals

July Goals

In 2015, I am sharing my goals and aspirations with you for every month of the year. Each month I will show how I did on the previous month’s goals and let you know what my new goals are for the upcoming month. Let’s take a look at my goals for June: Open up more and […]

OWI: Gillian | Sister

The One Word Inspiration series is a guest post series on Clear the Way which asks different visiting bloggers to share whatever they are inspired to share when they hear only one word. The word changes each month and this month I’m doing something a little different: I’m having my two sisters contribute for this […]

Write It Out | Eight

my favorite roadtrip

The Write It Out series serves as an opportunity for us all to explore our creative writing in a supportive and collaborative environment. Each month I will share a prompt along with my writing inspired by it, then invite you to participate. For this month, write about your favorite road trip. We know each other enough to know […]