How Do You Deal With Work/Family Balance

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This week’s Feminist Fridays post is another installment of the How Do You Deal series. Because there are certain issues in life and in feminism that are tough to talk about on our own, the HDYD series allows many voices the opportunity to share in these discussions, making it easier for us to talk about our beliefs, opinions, and feelings. Each month I ask contributors how they deal with an issue and we each share our thoughts on the matter. This month we are talking about work/family balance. Here are my feelings on this topic:

While I am not yet married and I don’t have children, I think of my partner as my family, especially while I live with him. Running my blog, my own business, my business’s blog, and working a near full-time job means that, if I want any time with family, I need to make it happen. Ideally, in order to make sure I have time to enjoy my family time, I try to work during the hours I am most productive (in the mornings and during my break) which helps to free up my evenings. I also keep a close eye on my priorities, making sure to keep family time high on the list.

Now let’s hear what my contributors had to say about work/family balance and feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments.


I’m currently single and in medical school, and while I’d like to eventually find someone amazing to share my life with, I’ve never had the desire to have or raise children (which has sparked a lot of unsolicited opinions and unnecessary rudeness). I don’t believe that there’s any one “perfect” way to live–what works for one person may not work for another. Personally, I’d much rather spend my life taking care of my future patients, hanging out with my hypothetical significant other/spouse, pursuing my/our interests + adopting a whole mess of pets. I think what’s most important is to look at your own values, priorities, goals, and dreams, and to focus the things you do on what gives your life the most meaning.

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Family/work balance was easy for me because I work with my husband! However, we now have a four month old and it’s important for me to keep things in perspective. I do work full time for myself and I love every minute. I want to keep raising my daughter in this environment for as long as possible. It just takes a lot of patience and organization!

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I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so it’s only natural that I would decide I’d like to be the maker of my destiny as well. I’ve often thought to myself, should I get married and have children, it would be ideal to be able to have a job that allows me to stay at home, so I can still look after/care for my children. I realize it would be hard either way, but I’m currently working towards being self-employed, regardless.

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Currently, I’m a stay-at-home girlfriend working on getting into freelance work. We usually try to take care of house stuff together, but naturally I do a bit more during the week, especially if my boyfriend’s working late, and he picks up the slack on weekends. If we ever do have children, I definitely won’t expect to have to handle the work/family balance alone – which is basically the way that culture tells me it should be handled. Ideally, we’d have one parent working outside the home and one in a stay-at-home capacity – and we wouldn’t neglect taking time for ourselves occasionally. But we’ll see how reality goes.

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Work/family balance is definitely interesting for me because I work freelance out of a home office. My biggest struggle right now is my transition away from freelance virtual assistant work to primarily freelance writing/copywriting. This requires a fair amount of “screen time” outside of my normal 9-4, which can cut into time spent with my husband. But I do make sure I prioritize him every week, if not every day, by planning out the time we spend together. For example, every night we eat dinner together and then watch Star Trek, and we spend our weekends doing activities as a couple.

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Being in my first year of university, and being single, this is not something I’ll have to deal with for quite a while, but of course I have given the future thought. Finding a job that I love and having sort of career is important to me, but so is having a family. I know there might be difficulties in juggling these two, but I’m certain it’s possible to make it work. For me it would be important that my future partner and I share the responsibilities equally, as two individuals, respecting each other’s dreams and supporting one another.

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Up until recently, I was balancing work, graduate school and home life. (I just finished school, so I now have one less major thing on my plate!) It was a tough balance, for sure—I’m a homebody who craves quality alone time with my boyfriend, who I live with, but many nights would be spent on the computer instead. Even when I was at my busiest, though, it was important to set aside time on the weekends to exercise, watch a movie or cook together. Quality screen-free time kept us happy (and me sane)!

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There is so much more I want to accomplish for myself, but I think the moment I feel prepared to be completely selfless is the moment I will raise a child. A parent is not only a caregiver, they are also the living example of how their child will grow and who they will look up to when their confidence falters. My child and my partner will be my equals, and I would encourage them to work just as hard toward their goals and hold immense pride in their accomplishments. It is my goal that the two sectors, work and family, will be an aggregation and create one beautiful dynamic. Your career is not more or less important than your family and I truly believe that both can compliment one another.

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So now you tell us:  How do you deal with work/family balance? Do you relate to anyone above?

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12 Lists: Number 5

Write a list of the best workout songs

My sister Gillian from Chez Gillian and I created the 12 Lists series which is a monthly list-making series for those who love writing lists. Each month we announce the topic, write our lists accordingly, and invite you to do the same on your blog. You are welcome to add your post to the link-up below so we can get to know you a little better, one list at a time. This month’s topic: the best workout songs.


  • “Cold War” – Janelle Monae
  • “Recover” – CHVRCHES
  • “Don’t F*ing Tell Me What To Do” – Robyn
  • “Cannibal Resource” – Dirty Projectors
  • “Ace of Hz” – Ladytron
  • “Heartbeat” – Femme
  • “Blind” – Hercules & Love Affair
  • “Contact High” – Architecture In Helsinki
  • “Holdin On” – Flume
  • “Block After Block” – Matt and Kim
  • “Miracle Mile” – Cold War Kids (great for that last mile!)

Check out Gillian’s list of what she thinks are the best workout songs, make your own list, share it on your blog, and be sure to submit your post to the link-up below (and use #12lists2015 on social media). Feel free to use the graphic provided, just be sure to link to the original posts. Happy list-making!

My Secret For Successfully Running Two Blogs

While the idea for this post and all words are my own, this post does contain referral links and qualifies me for a service discount. Read the full details.

Running a blog the right way (i.e. consistent quality content, generating lots of social media engagement, putting yourself 100% into everything, etc.) can be really difficult without the proper tools and resources. Now that I have two blogs and two sets of social media on my plate, I can find myself feeling a little rushed to catch up with everything. If you find yourself in a similar position, let me introduce you to CoSchedule.

What It Is

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar plugin (for WordPress only) that allows you to set up and promote posts (via their website or directly in WordPress) in an easy, visual way. The screenshot below is taken of this blog’s content for August 2014 as shown on the CoSchedule calendar. At the top of each day, you see the post I shard and you can see all the social media posts underneath. I don’t know about you, but I am an extremely visual person and I like having everything all in once place. CoSchedule lets me plan, set up, schedule social media, drag posts from one day to another, etc. and I can do all this using their awesome WordPress plugin.

Editorial Calendar on CoSchedule

How It Works

Once you sign up for your CoSchedule account, you are able to connect your blog and social media accounts. You set up a blog post for a certain day (by simply clicking the edit button in the top righthand corner of the day and selecting “create new blog post”) and easily add social media promotion by using the social queue below each post. I generally share a “link” style post to my Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus on the day the post goes live, a week after, a month after, and (if applicable) even many months after using their custom date option. This shares a featured image and description for Facebook and Google Plus and the link and description to my Twitter. You can also choose text only and image style social posts. CoSchedule even offers you windows of times for scheduling your social messages so you don’t have to worry about typing in the times you’d like your posts to go live.

Social Media Queue on CoSchedule

Setting up the social media promotion right alongside the post takes the headache out of jumping around different apps in order to make sure each platform shares my post at the right time. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can add tasks for yourself and others as well as comments for each individual post. This is a great way for solo bloggers to remember all the important aspects of setting up the blog post (featured image? tags included? edited for grammar and spelling? etc.) or these features can be used with a team to keep everyone up to date.

How I Use It

I set up a draft for my posts for each month ahead of time so I can go in and complete the posts and their accompanying social media posts one-by-one in a visual way. This helps me enormously because I always know exactly where I am with my editorial calendar for each blog. Once I complete a post and schedule it to go live, I add social media promotion and move on to the next post.

Top Posts on CoSchedule

Along with the useful editorial calendar, social media queue, tasks, and comments, CoSchedule also offers a bunch of other great stuff like a headline analyzer, a blog with great tips, and even a Twitter chat to connect you with other CoSchedule users. One of my favorite extras, however, is the Top Posts view. The screenshot above is for my second blog (the one for my business) and it shows my most popular posts so far, where they were most popular, and if I have any social media messages scheduled to keep sharing these posts. As you can see, the most popular post (How To Blog With Purpose) found a lot of engagement on Pinterest but I don’t have any social media posts scheduled for this. Obviously people liked this post, but I can see I am missing out on even more engagement because my social media shares have “run out.” I simply opened this post on my calendar, scheduled more social media posts for it, and sat back feeling satisfied I will be able to reach and help even more people via social media.

If you have any questions about how CoSchedule works or how you can use it, feel free to ask. Do you already use CoSchedule? What are your favorite features?

Feminist Fridays Quote no. 12

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears

When we feel faced with a choice, we often get caught up in our head. Even with small decisions, we can sometimes forget what is the most important because we are afraid to look past our anxiety. When you live your life from a place of fear, you are inviting worry and heartache into your life. You worry because you put yourself in the position of focusing on concerns or thoughts of failure. Your heart aches (even if you don’t realize) because you are overlooking your deeper, more life-giving feelings. Give yourself permission to abandon fear and focus on the good hopes in your heart. This is the only way you can reach fulfillment and truly live life with abandon.

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OWI: Bloom | Tara Victoria

one word inspiration - bloom

The One Word Inspiration series is a guest post series on Clear the Way which asks different visiting bloggers to share whatever they are inspired to share when they hear only one word. The word changes each month and today Tara from and Hatch & Harbour is here to share her inspiration from the word bloom.

When I think of bloom, I can’t help but think of growth and transformation. The dictionary defines bloom as: a flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty, artistry and to flourish or thrive. I stray away from thoughts of flowers, instead my thoughts are driven to us as people – constantly changing, evolving, in a infinite state of transformation. It’s such a beautiful thing. I used to steadily fear change, having a closed mind to it’s arrival. But I now know, we need to grow to learn and change breeds growth.

bloom(image via Sarah Thornhill)

I’ve now come to embrace change because I know that even if it seems frightening or difficult on some levels, if we allow that fear to cloud our minds we will be unable to embrace the good that is on the other side of change. If we only see the negative (even though some change is hard), we will remain in the dark and push back feelings of joy.

I don’t think we ever reach only one “state of bloom” – I think there’s many times in our lives where we are at our greatest beauty. We just have to keep our minds open to the path that takes us there.

Tara Victoria is a Graphic Designer and Blogger from Alberta, Canada. When she’s not running her design studio Hatch & Harbour, you can find her curating content on her blog a fitness + design blog about simplicity, living authentically, loving yourself, journey and all things inspiring. You can find her on her blog and the following social media: facebook | twitter | instagram