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The Write It Out series serves as an opportunity for us all to explore our creative writing in a supportive and collaborative environment. Each month I will share a prompt along with my writing inspired by it, then invite you to participate. For this month, write about being new at something.

Being new is exciting.
It makes you curious.
You are The New Girl
The Breath of Fresh Air
And a Brave Soul — because being new is also scary.
It puts you in a vulnerable position
Open to a group of people with the well-worn habit,
Open to all your insecurities of not being
Good enough, smart enough, lovable enough.
Just remember these people are new too.
They are new at seeing just
How good, smart, and lovable you are.
So go, Brave Soul, and be new
Because being new is exciting.

I am very curious to read what you come up with from this month’s prompt and remember, you don’t have to write a poem. You can write anything you want: a short story, a long poem, free prose, etc. If you do write something, make sure you link up. See the details below:

  • write from this month’s prompt and post on your blog
  • submit your post below where it says “click here to enter”
  • use the graphic I created for your post (if you want to)
  • use the hashtag #writeitout4 on social media to promote your post
  • encourage your readers to take part, too!

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A Home Full of Light

living area(found)

Forgive me while I sit here and try to come up with words to describe this home. Any word falling short of “perfect” simply won’t do and we all know it. I know you see the same furniture I see, the same natural light filling the rooms, that staircase, that skylight. Oh yes, and the double bowl sinks in the bathroom. What I love most about this space is how clever it is in its set-up. The living room is so open with the seating just close enough to foster easy conversation when guests are over but far enough from each other to allow pathways through the room. The stairs are so unique and (like this home) not very child-friendly, but I love the suspended handrail. Perhaps my most favorite part of this home, though, is the skylight above the bed. I find it so dreamy.


skylight bedroom

his and hers bowl sinks
outdoor patio

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