Your Blog During the Holidays

Your Blog During the Holidays(found)

As I prepare my Blogging 101 series for a major overhaul, rebranding, and reboot, I have asked Sara from Sincerely, Sara to write a post for you all on the topic of blogging during the holidays. Sara is incredibly skilled at tying in topical content to her blog’s overall brand so I could not wait to read her tips on bringing the holidays to your blog. Here is what Sara had to say about your blog during the holidays:

There’s something about the holidays that makes everyone cheerful and giddy. Maybe it’s the anticipation of presents, or seeing all of your loved ones, or the promise of a better year to come, or all of the delicious dessert that seems to be around this time of year, but everyone’s happy right now and you should bring that happiness to your blog as much as you can!

Of course everyone’s blog is different, but there are numerous ways that you can bring holiday cheer to your home on the internet:

DIY / Craft Blog

Show your readers how you’re getting ready for the holidays! What DIY presents are you making for friends and family? How did you decorate your front door, your dining room table, and/or your fireplace? Have any crafty holiday tips for your readers?

Style Blog

Show off your holiday style! What are some ways they can add sparkle to their everyday outfits to feel more festive? What outfits should they wear to each type of party that they have to attend? What’s on your holiday wish-list?

Book Blog

Review books with a holiday theme! Why not have a holiday read-a-thon? What books take place during the holidays? What books are you hoping to get for the holidays? What bookish items would be the perfect gift?

Lifestyle Blog

Show your readers what holiday stuff you’re up to! What are you excited about this holiday season? What are your favorite window displays in your town? Why not put together some holiday gift guides? What’s on your holiday wishlist? What presents did you actually get?

Food Blog

Put together some scrumptious holiday recipes! What recipes take less than an one hour, or even less than 30 minutes? Why not do a round-up of amazing holiday cocktails? What are some post-holidays leftover tips?

Design Blog

Show off your design skills with holiday freebies! Why not share the love and create holiday-inspired wallpapers? If you’re designing your holidays cards: How are they going to look? What beautifully designed holiday cards and/or store windows do you love?

Beauty Blog

Show off your holiday make up looks! How can your readers glam up for the holidays for everyday and for parties? How should they do their hair? What beauty products are on your wishlist? What beauty products do you keep in your purse for holiday parties?

Don’t feel like you need to pigeonhole yourself into one category either. Just because you have a fashion blog doesn’t mean you can’t show off your crafty or foodie side, and vice versa. Have fun with it! It’s the holidays after all.

Thank you, Kate, for letting me be on your blog today!

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    Yay!! Thanks so much for having me on your blog! :)

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    I NEEDED THIS. SO much. you’re the best.

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    Thanks so much for contributing! I loved your tips and appreciated your help. =]