For Amelia Earhart


It’s Women’s History Month and I’m all cheesy-excited about it. (Every month is women’s history month in my book.) I love Amelia Earhart. A few people have told me I look like her and I consider that high praise of my outward appearance. Somewhat recently I read a great book about her that really inspired me. She was pretty unconventional but I loved how she used commercialism to fuel her love of flight and adventure. If you get a chance, read the book. If you want to pretend you’re Amelia yourself just start wearing this outfit (hat, coatboots) and sport a “boyish mop” of hair. (For the record: short hair is not masculine and unbrushed hair is not moppy.)


Want to see more pictures of this inspiring lady? Go check out my Inspiration pinboard on my Pinterest.

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  • Ali Mackin

    GREAT post, and such a fun blog! Following on Bloglovin

  • Wiktoria

    great post, I like your blog!
    `what do you think about following each other?:)

  • nancy @ adore to adorn

    adore this post. I love what Amelia Earhart accomplished during her time. She was such an inspiration for me when I first read about her in grade school. Thanks for this!


  • juju

    I watched a movie about her interesting life and her style was great
    your blog is cool and I would like to follow each other
    let me know!

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  • Marisa Canela

    oh yes it´s really true you look really like amelia ear heart! what a pioneer she was in strong women history;) really a great look you suggest here!
    love and kiss,mary