For Tessa Testing

I’ve decided to practice my photography skills and develop a portfolio for myself. I asked some of the girls I’ve met through modeling if they would be interested in helping me. Tessa was willing and even found a great location for us to use.

I did the makeup myself (very light/natural) and Tessa brought her own wardrobe. And together, we totally worked it out.

We went to this crazy cool/beautiful area (named Alviso, I believe) in San Jose. It was very near to familiar San Jose places, but felt like a completely different location. It had abandoned concrete buildings (my favorite) and a beautiful bay. So pretty.

The bubble-foam gathered at the shore looked just like snow. The weather was perfect. It was almost surreal.

Here are my favorite photos from our shoot:

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  • Alycia

    Very beautiful! We should head to Alviso sometime. It’s right around the corner from my house… I’ve shot there many times!

  • Kate

    Yeah, let’s do it!